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Live Your Life Well

Wise practices to help you de-stress, move & thrive

Welcome to OWL

Owls are known for being wise, and wisdom comes from experience

and knOWLedge. OWL offers ancient wisdom practices and techniques for balancing the mind and body, based on principles of

meditation, yoga and qigong. 


When you have the tools to be healthy, you can soar

in everything that you do. 


Whether you are looking to de-stress, gain focus, become more flexible

or find more balance in life, you will experience ways to engage

with  your body and mind, so that you are fit to fly!


Health Benefits

OWL offers various practices and trainings to cultivate mental clarity, improve physical health and focus on an overall feeling of calm. Science has proven that using these practices consistently and mindfully we can improve our blood pressure through de-stressing and lowering anxiety levels, improve our memory and learning capacity, improve our sleep quality and our organs can be encouraged back into balance to serve our overall health.



"I had not heard of Qigong until I joined a practice with Stef. 

As Stef confidently guided us through the slow-flowing movement and breathing exercise’s I felt a calming relaxation and the concentration required allowed me to completely immerse myself in the practice. It was energising. A great way to start the day!"

Nicky Tonks

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