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Stef Ratledge

Yoga Teacher

Meditation Guide 

Qigong Instructor 



Energy. Performance. Clarity. These are a few of the benefits you can experience through moving your body, cultivating silence and using breathing techniques. OWL was created to share this knOWLedge with you.


Through bespoke individual sessions, custom corporate programmes and group classes, we work on balancing your mind and body to help you live your best life, and to thrive at work and home.

Stef Ratledge

My Story

When I move i feel free. My mind clears. My mood improves. My energy shifts.

I feel strong mentally and physically. In contrast, i also feel free by taking the time to

just be, sitting in stillness and silence.


The wisdom and techniques that i have learnt from studying and consistently practicing yoga,

qigong and meditation work beautifully alongside other more aerobically challenging sports 

to provide insight, focus, flexibility, strength and stillness.

Through participating in competitive sport i understand the importance of keeping on

doing what you love - even with challenges such as injury and fatigue thrown at you.

Such setbacks set me on a new course of learning - one that involved adapting my lifestyle

to find balance, focus and a new sense of optimal living.


If only I had known about yoga, qigong and meditation long ago. 

Well now I do and it is my intention to share these teachings with you!



My intention is to offer a:​​

  • a place to learn what works for you

  • a relaxed and inclusive space

  • a varied practice, depending on your specific needs

Sandy Beach

 In mindfulness one is not only restful and happy, but alert and awake. Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality.

  Thich Nhat Hanh 


In addition to the qualifications listed below Stef has over 20 years experience working in design management and education.

  • Exercise to Music Teacher (1992)

  • Step Aerobics Teacher (1994)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher (2016)

  • Yin Yoga Teacher (2018)

  • Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher (2020)

  • SEA Qigong Fusion Instructor, Sifu Matthew Cohen (2020)

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