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Did you know that we all have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day? That's a lot of stuff in our head that we don't need. Spending time focusing on our breath in movement or stillness can create a gap in these thoughts, and allow the mind to free up and repair.

Wellness at Work

The current working environment means that we are often working at a

distance, and may be feeling a little detached or stressed. Our posture

can also suffer through working with technology, or not moving enough. 


OWL currently works with teams, such as Jaguar Land Rover,

offering an early morning session allowing the remote staff to come together

and start their day mindfully to encourage best performance.

Camera's on or off!


Let's connect to see what would be ideal for your team.



"Giving my team an opportunity to stretch out backs, necks and shoulders, which we all felt were suffering, while working from home. Also to provide some time to breathe, some useful meditation practises and provide a little space to support our overall wellbeing, reduce stress levels, tension and generate some extra energy for the rest of the day."

Amanda Hope

Jaguar Land Rover


Perform Well

Working with OWL creates an opportunity for your work force to thrive in many ways:

  • more focused

  • better decision making

  • increased staff morale

  • less time off sick

  • improved learning and memory


All combining for greater productivity.

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