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Are you looking to enhance your peak performance as an athlete? Or are you looking for calm and a more restful sleep at night? Personalised programmes are available so that you can work towards improvements in your energy, focus and physical strength in all that you do.

A Custom Approach

As someone who has experienced energetic and physical setbacks that have affected my ability to perform at my best, I am passionate about sharing this fusion of ancient Western and Eastern philosophies. I wish that I had understood the impact that they can have on health and wellness before now!


Wherever you are in your life, my goal is to provide a personalised experience specifically for your body and mind. By blending together ways of supporting any existing symptoms or restrictions, we can work now in support of your mental and physical health.


I understand through first hand experience:​

  • injuries and physical restrictions

  • training for specific competitive sports

  • fatigue and energy issues

  • sleep issues

  • stress & anxiety management

Contact me for more information on:


"Stef was someone who I went to towards the latter stages of my career and I honestly can say if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to play on for those extra few years. Not only did she keep me supple and flexible but she allowed me to remain calm before big games due to the relaxation breathing techniques she taught me. Plus she’s a lovely person which also helps, highly recommend her.” 

Lloyd Dyer

Professional Footballer


Still Curious?

Let's connect to create a unique programme tailored to meet your goals. Or drop into a class and experience the fun and friendly group energy.

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